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Building The Horse Of A Lifetime™

As horse owners, we all have different reasons for having our horses. We all have different goals as well. Despite our varied interests and reasons for having a horse, we all have one common bond. We all want the best horse we can have. Many people search for years for this ideal horse. Are you still searching?

This horse is right before your eyes. The horse you already have can become the best horse you've ever had. He might not be the most athletic horse, have the smoothest trot, win first place in the local jumping show or ranch horse event. But, you can still have more enjoyment from him than any other horse you've ever had. It's all in how you approach each and every interaction with your horse. I'd like to invite you to join in the journey of Building The Horse Of A Lifetime™.


Building The Horse Of A Lifetime is not just about reaching your goals with your horse; it's about enjoying the journey along the way. Building The Horse Of A Lifetime is based on the three key principles: Communication, Relationship and Performance. Each work together in harmony to build the horse of our dreams - a horse who is a willing partner and has the solid foundation to participate in a wide variety of activities, both recreationally and competitively. How can you turn your horse into the horse of your dreams - The Horse Of A Lifetime? Let's look at our three key principles.

As horse lovers, we dream of perfect Communication with our horses. When we ask our horse for a flowing canter across a field, our horse responds as if he knew before we ever asked. In a magical language between horse and rider, we know our horse is ready and willing to do what is asked. How we Communicate with our horse is more important than what we Communicate.

The most important part of being a horse owner is that magical Relationship with our horse. Many people even have horses who are simply companion horses - horses who for various reasons cannot be ridden. We all dream of our horse being our best friend. We dream of a horse who wants to spend time with us. One who will seek us out and welcome us with that unforgettable nicker when we walk into the barn. We want that horse who can make us smile when the whole world seems to be falling apart. We want a horse who is fun to spend time with and makes life more enjoyable. It is important to build that key Relationship to truly enjoy our horse.


Although many of us have our horses for recreational purposes, Performance is still important. Some of us dream of that perfect Performance in the show ring. Others of us dream of the perfect trail ride with our horse willingly forging across water crossings and having the confidence and trust to walk by the scary looking rocks. Clear Communication between horse and rider coupled with a strong Relationship gives us the confidence in each other to bring our Performance together to new heights. And, best of all, the better our Performance together, our communication and Relationship grow even more. It is important to have the tools to achieve the Performance you desire.

Communciation, Relationship and Performance all work together to make each stronger and give us and our horse a more enjoyable experience than ever before. We develop a willingness to work together and reach our goals. Our horse develops a keen willingness and desire to please us. And we strive to make our horse look good at whatever we're doing together.

Building The Horse Of A Lifetime enables you to reach your dreams - and truly enjoy the journey. May You All Ride The Horse Of A Lifetime!

Copyright 2008-2013 Debbie Bibb "Building The Horse of A Lifetime"™